The Zoom Menu offers a list of different options for different types of zooming.  To see those options, press the ZOOM key.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

There are actually 10 ZOOM options, but only 7 of them fit on the screen at one time.  The  appearing in the last line (numbered 7) indicates that there are more options.  Use the DOWN ARROW key to scroll first to the number 7:  

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

Now press the DOWN ARROW three more times to see the remaining choices:

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

Choose a zoom option from the list, or click on the NEXT button at the bottom of each page to go to each of the ZOOM options.

1:ZBox | 2:Zoom In | 3:Zoom Out | 4:ZDecimal | 5: Zsquare
6:ZStandard | 7:ZTrig | 8:ZInteger | 9:ZoomStat | 10:ZoomFit
Set Viewing Rectangle Manually

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