Linear Regression is a process by which the formula of a line of "best fit" is found for a set of data. The correlation coefficient is a measure of the "goodness" of the fit. The correlation coefficient can be tested for significance. Consider the data set shown below and test for correlation significance at the 5% level, letting:



First enter the x's in and the y's in . Next press STAT, right arrow to TESTS, down arrow to E:LinRegTTest.

Make sure that Xlist is , Ylist is and frequency is 1. Select . Then arrow down to Calculate, then press ENTER.

The first result screen shows that p = 0.0236, and by pressing the down arrow, we see that r = 0.9264. Since p = 0.0235 < 0.05, we can reject . Thus there is a significant linear relationship between x and y.

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