Topic: Matrix

Before we can operate on a matrix, we must first enter the matrix into the TI84 calculator. Enter the following matrix into the calculator as matrix [B].


Press the matrix button or combination of buttons to get the matrix menu. Right arrow twice to highlight the EDIT menu. Select [B] and then press ENTER .

TI84 screen TI84 screen
TI84 sceen TI84 Screen

Next we enter the dimension of the matrix which is 2 X 4. Press 2 ENTER. The 2 appears and the cursor advances to the next position. Now press 4 ENTER. The size in now determined. We enter the numbers across the rows beginning with row one. The bottom of the screen lists the entry's position in the matrix.

TI84 screen TI84 sceen

Now press 5 ENTER 14 ENTER 7 ENTER 1 ENTER. This completes the first row. Press 2 ENTER 3 ENTER 10 ENTER 4 ENTER.

TI84 screen TI84 screen

To exit the matrix editor, press 2nd MODE [QUIT]. That returns you to the home screen.


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