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MATH 1001
Quantitative Reasoning

Unit 2 Simple Interest
Unit 2 Compound Interest
Unit 2 Calculating a Monthly Mortgage Payment
Unit 3 Using Conversion Factors
Unit 3 Using a Trigonometric Ratio to Find an Angle in a Right Triangle


MATH 1101
Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
The following are examples taken from the textbook, College Algebra through Modeling and Visualization, Second Edition, by Gary Rockswold.

1.1 Calculating Percent Change
1.1 Computing with a Calculator
1.4 Modeling Braking Distance for a Car
2.1 Modeling Fuel Consumption
2.2 Finding Equations of Horizontal and Vertical Lines
2.3 Solving a Linear Equation Graphically, Symbolically, and Numerically
2.6 Using Linear Regression to Predict Growth
3.1 Modeling the Flight of a Baseball
3.1 Finding a Quadratic Regression Model
3.2 Solving Quadratic Equations
4.1 Modeling Ocean Temperature
4.2 Determining a Cubic Modeling Function
5.3 Modeling Growth of E. Coli Bateria.
5.3 Recognizing Linear and Exponential Data
5.3 Comparing Compound Interest
5.4 Evaluating Logarithms


MATH 1401
Elementary Statistics
The following are examples taken from exercises in the textbook, Elementary Statistics, A Step by Step Approach, Second Edition, by Allan G. Bluman.

4.2 Finding the mean, variance and Standard Deviation of a Probabilty Distribution
4.2 Finding Expection or Expect Value
4.3/4.4 Finding Binomial Probabilities
5.3 Finding Normal Probabilities
5.3 Finding an X given a percentile in a Normal Distribution
5.5 Applying the Central Limit Theorem
6.3 Finding a Confidence Interval for a Mean
6.4 Finding a Confidence Interval for the Mean
6.4 Finding a Confidence Interval for the Mean
6.2 Finding a Confidence Interval for P


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