A function must be entered into in order to obtain its graph. Press the key.  The resulting screen should look like the one below:

If any of the lines are not blank, move the cursor using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to the line and press the CLEAR key.  If any of Plot1, Plot2, or Plot3 are highlighted, that Plot must be turned off before proceeding.  To turn a Plot on or off, click here to go to Scatterplot.  

To graph the function , enter the expression as follows for :

key presses

Note that the key means "raise to the power of" on the calculator.   The result should look as follows:

Now press Zoom, then 6.  The graph belows shows plotted in the VIEWING RECTANGLE [-10,10,1] X [-10,10,1].  This standard VIEWING RECTANGLE is obtained by setting it manually with the WINDOW key or by ZOOM 6:ZStandard



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