First we must make a scatterplot of the data in Table 1 using the 1992 values as the X values and the 2005 values as the Y values.

   TABLE 1        Airline Passengers (in millions)
1992 2005
Harrisburg International 0.7 1.4
Dayton International 1.1 2.4
Austin Robert Mueller 2.2 4.7
Milwaukee General Mitchell 2.2 4.4
Sacramento Metropolitan 2.6 5.0
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood 4.1 8.1
Washington Dulles 5.3 10.9
Greater Cinninnati 5.8 12.3

Before making the scatterplot we will need to change the Viewing Rectangle or window settings.  Considering the values above, we choose [0, 6, 1] by [0, 14, 1] for the settings. Press WINDOW and then enter 0 for XMin, 6 for XMax, 1 for XScl, 0 for YMin, 14 for YMax, and 1 for YScl.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

Now we are ready to make a scatterplot of the data from Table 1.  Enter the data from Table 1 by pressing STAT, then select 1:Edit. If the lists and  are not clear, they must first be cleared  (See Clearing Lists).  Enter the X (1992) values in and the Y (2005) values in (See Making a Table).  We must be sure to properly pair the data in the two lists, and make sure both lists are the same length before proceding.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

To create the scatterplot, press 2nd, then Y= [STAT PLOT], then 1 to select the first plot.  Be sure the items are selected as shown in the screen below.   Use the arrow keys and select the indicated options using ENTER.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

Next press GRAPH and the scatterplot will appear on the screen as seen below.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

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