Consider the following data:


The ONE VARIABLE STATISTICS option provides summary information on a list of data. Specifically, the following information is provided:

the mean or average
the sum of all data
the sum of the squares
the sample standard deviation
the population standard deviation
the number of elements
the minimum element
the first quartile
the median of the data
the third quartile
the maximum element

First enter the data into . To learn how to enter data into a list, go to Making a Table . Once the data are entered, the screen should appear as shown below:

Next, press STAT and then press the RIGHT ARROW to get to the CALC menu. Select 1-Var STATS by pressing ENTER. Scroll down to Calculate and press ENTER again, and the screens should appear as shown below:

The located at the bottom left of the screen indicates that there are more entries to be displayed. By pressing the DOWN ARROW key, the other ONE VARIABLE STATISTICS are displayed.


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