A SCATTERPLOT is used to view a set of real data graphically. Consider the following data.


To create a scatterplot of this data, make sure that all the Y's are clear in the menu. 

Now select and set an appropriate Viewing RectangleSince the x values range from 0 to 5, choose a range slightly larger than that, namely -1 to 6.  Since the y values range from 3 to 10, select 0 to 15.

Thus, theViewing Rectangle of  [-1, 6,1] by [0, 15, 1], has been selected.  To set this Viewing Rectangle,  press WINDOWand enter -1 for Xmin, 6 for Xmax, 1 for Xscl, 0 for Ymin, 15 for Ymax,and 1 for Yscl.

Now, press 2nd and then Y= [STAT PLOT].  The calculator screen should look the one on the left below.  1 is highlighted, so press ENTER to select the first plot.  Now, select ON in the first row, then select the first TYPE.   Xlist and Ylist should already be selected as and .   The MARK selected does not matter, so choose one of them.

To enter the data for the scatterplot, press STAT, and select 1:Edit by pressing ENTER.  If the lists are not all cleared as shown in the screen below, go to see Clearing Lists.


Enter the data values for X in and the data values for Y in , keeping each pair together on the same horizontal line.  Then press GRAPH.

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