Using the Auto Table Function

A function must be entered into in order to obtain its graph and its table. To view the graph and a table of values for the function , enter the equation into . To view the graph of the function, press GRAPH.  The results are shown below graphed in a standard window. For more details on graphing functions click on Graphing a Function.


The range of the values must be set to view a table of values for , just as a Viewing Rectangle must be set for a graph. Press 2nd WINDOW [TBLSET] to set the starting value and the increment for X. In the graphic below, TBLStart is set to 0 anddelta tableis set to 1. Both Auto's should be hightlighted. Press 2nd GRAPH [TABLE] to view the table. Note that the X values start at 0 and increment by 1. The down and up arrow keys allow you to scroll throught the table.

To change the increment for X to one-tenth, press 2nd WINDOW [TBLSET] . Move the cursor with the down arrow key to the 1 that appears next todelta table. Enter .1 in the place of the 1. Press 2nd GRAPH [TABLE] . The results are shown below. The X values start at 0 and the increment is now one-tenth. Both the starting X value and the increment can be changed to produce any table desired for the function. The Y values for each X are computed by the calculator and displayed in the table.


Using the Ask Table Function

Sometimes only one or a few specific table values are desired for a function. For example, find the Y values associated with X= 3 and X = 10 for the function . Since the function is already entered on the Y screen, press 2nd WINDOW [TBLSET]. Press the DOWN ARROW twice until the Auto next to Indpnt: is highlighted. Press the RIGHT ARROW once to highlight Ask, then press ENTER. Next press 2nd GRAPH [TABLE]. The table should appear empty as shown in the third image below. Type 3 followed by ENTER to see what value of Y is paired with 3. Type 10 and then press ENTER to see what Y is paired with 10. As shown below, f(3) = 13 and f(10) = 951.


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