ZOOM 10:ZoomFit

In order to see the effects of a ZOOM option, a graph must already be displayed on the screen.  To learn how to enter and graph a function, go to Graphing a Function . For example, the function = is graphed below.  

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

The ZOOM 10:ZoomFit option allows the user to select a new VIEWING RECTANGLE that has the same Xmin and Xmax, but recalculates to show ALL y values.  In the case of the function above, even though there are infinite values of y in both the positive and negative direction, the calculator tries to show as many as it can.  The resulting new VIEWING RECTANGLE is [-10,10,1] X [-949,951,1]. 

To use the ZOOMFIT operation, press the ZOOM key, then press 0, and the screens below will appear.


Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator


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