ZOOM 7:ZTrig

In order to see the effects of a ZOOM option, a graph must already be displayed on the screen.  To learn how to enter and graph a function, go to Graphing a Function . For example, the function = is graphed below.  

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator

The ZOOM 7:ZTrig option allows the user to select a new VIEWING RECTANGLE that has an appropriate dimension for viewing trigonometric functions such as .  The VIEWING RECTANGLE that is set by this option is [-(27/24), (27/24),/2] X [-4,4,1], where the values are set in radian mode. Enter for and graph the trigonometric equation in a standard VIEWING RECTANGLE of [-10,10,1] X [-10,10,1]. Do this by pressing Zoom and then 6.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator Screen Picture of the TI-83 Calculator


To select the ZOOM 7:ZTrig option, first press the ZOOM key and then select 7.  Notice that using Zoom 7 produces a much better graph as shown below.

Screen Picture of TI-83 Calculator


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